Asagi Yukinaga
Kanji Name 亜沙木 遊
Katakana Name アサギ ユキナガ
Romaji Name Asagi Yukinaga
Age 15
Date of Birth August 29th
Height 158cm(5'2")
Weight 47kg(104lb)
Blood Type B
Likes Cool Stuff
Dislikes Running On Land
Voice Actor みや。(Miya.)

Yukinaga is a possible friend in the RPG game, 1bitheart made by Miwashiba. He plays Sky-Sea-Run, alongside Natsukage, and is always found in the stadium on the 5th floor of 307 Tower on Blue Sun Street.

"A self-declared alien boy who plays Sea-Sky-Run. His speed is said to be world-class, but he doesn't really care and just does it for fun. Not particularly bright, it seems." -Yukinaga's BitWorld description

Appearance Edit

He has green eyes, short black hair with his bangs covering his left eye, and a fin-shaped BitPhone. His color scheme is black, orange, and green. He wears an unzipped black jacket and shorts with green and orange stripes, as well as sandals. Yukinaga hangs an orange jacket with a green inside on his waist.

Personality Edit

Yukinaga is a lively sports-loving boy. He is optimistic and excitable. He believes that he is an alien.

Background Edit

He grew up knowing Natsukage. Since they're on Sky-Sea-Run, they spend a lot of time around each other. It is first thought that he nicknames Natsukage, "Orca" based off his swimming behavior, but it's actually because he asked Natsukage to draw a shark(or dolphin), but it looked more like an orca. During one game, he accidentally injures Natsukage.

Relationships Edit

Natsukage Suoh Edit

Yukinaga's childhood friend and fellow Sky-Sea-Run teammate. He injured his leg when he ran into Natsukage during a game. His free time event involves him coming to terms with Natsukage despite their difference in skill through a push-up contest.

Trivia Edit

  • He's the first character to be hacked.
  • He calls Nanashi "Nasshi".

Quotes Edit

  • "Me? Yukinaga! I’m an ALIEEEEN!" - Yukinaga upon introduction.
  • "I’m super good at running on the water, but totally bad on land! What’s the difference, do you think?"
  • "You interested in Sky-Sea-Run? If you mess up, you fly super far, it’s great! I mean, then you’re disqualified, but hey!"
  • "Pools have this unique smell… I wonder if they always smelled like that?"
  • "You can call me anytime! So let's play!" - Yukinaga after being befriended.
  • "This is Yukinaga! He’s sporty, jokey, and all-around amusing! He likes.. well, stuff boys like! Probably?" - Nanashi on Yukinaga.

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