Yoh Temp Pic
Kanji Name
Katakana Name ヨウ
Romaji Name Yoh
Voice Actor 柏崎亮太(Ryota Kashiwazaki)

Yoh is a character in 1bitheart. He is introduced in the bonus chapter, and happened to be a culprit.

 Appearance Edit

Blonde, medium length hair tied into a twirled ponytail. Green eyes with a small chef hat? Wears an orange uniform with a brown tie and white apron. Has a knife as a good luck charm.

Personality Edit

Yoh is a coward. That's all! Thank you.

Background Edit

His background leading up to the incident he caused is unknown, but he has stated that he had a friend who was traumatized by an interview conducted by the victim in the bonus story. This gave Yoh a reason for murder.

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