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1bitheart Wiki Admins

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Semi-Active Admin, Bureaucrat, Moderator, Sysop, Rollback Hello! I'm the main admin on the wikia. I appear sporadically but I'll try to be more active concerning the new game's release. My favourites would have to be Sora and Enri!
Kiruzawa/Eri Semi-Active Admin, Moderator, Sysop, Rollback Hi~! I think my 1st contribution to the 1bH fandom was a few drawings? I like all of the characters, but my most favorites are Kirai, Izuchi, and Kotora.
Koriente/Kuma Inactive Admin, Moderator, Sysop, Rollback G'day! I'm a big fan of Miwashiba's works and I love all of the characters thus far, but my favourites are probably Yuuto, Kirai, Mikado and Rocca
Ordinaire/Hani Semi-Active Admin, Moderator, Sysop, Rollback Hello, I'm Hani and I really like Sekiyu, Mary, and Meu. I mostly run around doing small fact changes and quality of life changes.
Founder Inactive Admin, Bureaucrat, Moderator, Sysop, Rollback N/A


General Rules

  • Please do not spam or vandalize the pages.
  • Do not try to change the wiki and make it look however you want.
  • Please do not add non-canonical information to any articles of the wiki, in case of this, one of the admins will approach you and the edit will simply be rolled-back.
  •  A page should only be linked once per article, for instance the first mention of Mikado would be linked whilst the second mention would not. Exceptions might be made, but it depends.
  •  Do not change a character's page for your headcanons.
  •  When editing the main page, please use Classic Editor as the coding can easily be messed up in the Source Editor.


  • Please take a look at the forums before you comment. If what you want to say has any relation with any of the forums, make a thread and post what you want to say there.
  • Please do not bother to respond to month or year old comments.
  • Comments with vulgar language, offensive meaning, sexual meaning or racist remarks are not permitted.
  • Don't start any "ship wars" or any drama in the comment section in general. It's extremely unnecessary.
  • If you have questions that need to be answered, feel free to ask on the forums or the admins themselves.
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