Kamui Sora
Kanji Name 神威 天
Katakana Name カムイ ソラ
Romaji Name Kamui Sora
Age 17
Date of Birth December 1st
Height 167cm(5'6")
Weight 52kg(115lb)
Blood Type B
Likes Quiet Places
Dislikes Overbearing People
Voice Actor 宮利(Kilyuuri)

Sora is a character in 1bitheart. He is a possible friend. He is introduced in Chapter 2. He is a boy who lives in a planetarium on CocoAlley.

"A boy who lives at a planetarium. He was born without the use of his legs, and his parents live overseas. Doesn't seem great at talking to others, so his replies often come off as blunt." -Sora's BitWorld description

Appearance Edit

He has long dark hair and red eyes. Since he can't use his legs, he's in a rocking-chair themed wheelchair.

Personality Edit

Sora has difficulty talking with others as he does not leave the planetarium often, much like Nanashi before he met Misane, causing his replies to be quite blunt or rude. He also hides the fact that he secretly wants his parents to show more care towards him. He enjoys watching stars a lot.

Background Edit

Sora was born in a fairly wealthy family, though without use of his legs and uses a wheelchair to get around.

He lives alone since his parents are staying overseas so that his brother could study abroad. Although his relationship with his brother is amiable, he can't help but feel inferiority with how he believes his parents pay more attention to his brother than him.

Relationships Edit

Nanashi Edit

Nanashi often compares himself to Sora, being that they're both shut-ins, albeit it bothers Sora greatly. Sora's free time event revolves around Nanashi star-gazing with Sora and trying to get him out of the planetarium more.

Trivia Edit

  • The Saturn-like thing floating beside him is an avatar.

Quotes Edit

  • “I bear the name Kamui. My own is Sora. …What of it?”- Sora, when being introduced.

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