Yakumo Shitara
Kanji Name 八雲 楽
Katakana Name ヤクモ シタラ
Romaji Name Yakumo Shitara
Age 25
Date of Birth April 5th
Height 178cm(5'10")
Weight 59kg(130lb)
Blood Type O
Likes Solid Bulids
Dislikes Cold
Voice Actor 秋ら(Akira)

Shitara is a possible friend in the RPG game 1bitheart, made by Miwashiba. She works in and is always found in Inari Drugstore, in Sunset Hill.

"The lady running the drugstore. Recent hobbies include hanafuda (a type of card game) and flirting. Has two younger siblings." -Shitara's Friend List description

Appearance Edit

Shitara has brown hair with blackish tips, light orange eyes, and wears a unique BitPhone similar to the accessories hanging on the ceiling in her store. She wears a big white and purple coat on her shoulder that reach to the floor, and a black sweater. She wears red nail polish, sandals, and blue capri-style pants.

Personality Edit

Although read as male, Shitara identifies as female. She enjoys teasing Nanashi and others, and seems to be somewhat of a flirt. She's also very motherly.

Background Edit

Shitara, Hakuhi and Miya (Takamiya) have been friends since they were kids. Takamiya's had a crush on Hakuhi since they all were in grade school, and Shitara's been trying to hook them up ever since.

Relationships Edit

Shiroro and Kuroku Edit

Shitara is the older sister to these two twins, and she's somewhat stern to them. She intends to treat them as her own kids, implying their parents are distant or dead.

Takamiya Kyouri and Hakuhi Iogi Edit

Childhood friends. Shitara has constantly tried to get them in a relationship, but all attempts had failed.

Trivia Edit

  • She uses Kansai dialect, also born and raised in East Japan. She started using Kansai dialect around middle school.
  • Hakuhi calls her 'Shi-chan'.
  • She says she can sniff out brats from a mile away, most likely from her experience with Kuroku and Shiroro.
  • She is a trans woman, and prefers to be referred to with "she" pronouns. She's quick to correct someone if they use the wrong pronouns for her.

Quotes Edit

  • "Shitara is my name. Nice knowing you." - Shitara upon introduction.
  • "My medicine is very effective, so they say.  If you get sick, come on by.  Best that you don’t get sick at all, of course."
  • "Well, I don't expect my meddling'll get them together. I just keep at because it's always fun to watch."
  • "The rascals’ pranks are a real pain.  Somebody ought to punish them, and that somebody’ll probably be me."
  • "As an advance warning, I don’t have any love potions.  I’d have used them all anyway."
  • "So this makes me and Nanashi friends, now." - Shitara after being befriended.
  • "This is Shitara, the drugstore owner!  She’s… a miss!  I guess she makes all the medicine here!  She likes…  Medicine, surely?  And maybe food from Kansai…" - Nanashi on Shitara.

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