Kurusu Shiren
Kanji Name 來栖 試
Katakana Name クルス シレン
Romaji Name Kurusu Shiren
Age 31
Date of Birth July 12th
Height 171cm(5'7")
Weight 58kg(128lb)
Blood Type B
Likes Ramen
Dislikes Annoying Things
Voice Actor anteenu

Shiren is a possible friend in the game 1bitheart, made by Miwashiba. She owns a ramen shop called "Fuuraijin", found in Sunset Hill.

"The woman running the ramen shop. Wild and dependable. Great at making ramen, so she gets many regulars. Holds her drinks well, so she sometimes has drinking contests with her customers." -Shiren's Friend List description

Appearance Edit

She has blue hair and eyes and always has something in her mouth. She wears a white shirt with a design on it that's been tied up to her mid-chest. She hangs a big black cloth around her waist over an apron with the Fuurajin kanji on it. As well as jeans, she wears black mary janes, and always has a knife carrier next to her.

Personality Edit

Shiren is a wild, but dependable person. Can be a bit spontaneous.

Background Edit

She runs the ramen shop in Sunset Hill, and seems to dedicate a lot of her time to perfecting the food available at her shop. According to her, she spent 10 years to achieve the taste and flavor it has now.

Relationships Edit

Nanashi Edit

During her free time event, she gets Nanashi to help her experiment with her menu. After taking her to a candy shop in search for a new texture, she adds a new side menu.

Kaori Edit

Kaori has described her as a friend good for having a smoke with. Due to Kaori's marriage troubles, Shiren has offered to marry her jokingly.

Trivia Edit

Quotes Edit

  • "Shiren the shopkeeper here." - Shiren upon introduction.
  • "Want a sample of my new ramen?  Tried a mix of squid ink and goya for this one…  No thanks?  Gotcha!  Haha!"
  • "Boy, the heat is killer year-round here.  Gotten used to it, but still."
  • "Running a ramen shop’s great, but I wanna go on a trip sometime.  Sounds fun, doesn’t it?"
  • "Haha! Haven't felt quite like this in a long time... Well, looking forward to hanging out." - Shiren after being befriended.
  • "This is the ramen shop owner, Shiren!  She’s a real wild and dependable lady!  She’d probably like… Stuff to eat along with alcohol, maybe?" - Nanashi on Shiren.

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