Kasuga Shinobu
1BeatHeart Shinobu Kasuga Preview
Kanji Name 春楽 凌
Katakana Name カスガ シノブ
Romaji Name Kasuga Shinobu
Voice Actor 情緒不安定

"A big-hearted gardener. Kind of absent-minded. He's always taking it slow and at his own pace." - Shinobu's In-Game Profile

He is listed as male and 26 years old.

Appearance Edit

He has pale hair that covers his left eye, swept to the side and a little ruffled. His eyes are a moderately dark brown and have a soft or calm gaze the majority of the time. He wears a bit loose of a shirt with a zigzag pattern of various browns. At the neckline and sleeves, it has scraps of leather as a design element. On top, he wears a white cape-like jacket with light blue accents. A weaved rope with a couple clover charms and white fluff on one end acts as a connector in the front of the cape. He wears a tight necklace with an indistinct design. Slung over his right shoulder is a messenger bag that hangs across his body and rests on his left side. His pants are also blue. In his sprite, he is shown to carry a flower pot with a tall rose.

Personality Edit

He is calm and laid-back, often staying in the garden to tend the plants but being known to chat with whoever passes through and listen to their troubles.

Background Edit

Relationships Edit

Misane Mikoto Edit

Misane considers the garden to be the most relaxing place in the hotel, and goes there when she feels stressed or needs guidance. She and Shinobu tend to chat because of this, and she confides in him when she doesn't know what to do. Misane considers his voice to be calming.


Quotes Edit

  • "I don't usually get compliments. I'm gonna blush."
  • "...Don't overexert yourself, now. You look even paler than before."
  • "Hmm. Feels like dark clouds are on the horizon... And I don't mean the weather."
  • "I'm just perceptive. It happens when you get along with plants."
  • "You can rest if you're tired. It's good to follow your instincts in moderation. Though they can sometimes turn against you."
  • "Hahaha. You know it's a great relationship when you don't need words."
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