Suoh Sakuma
Kanji Name 蘇芳 咲
Katakana Name スオウ サクマ
Romaji Name Suoh Sakuma
Age 17
Date of Birth July 7th
Height 162cm(5'4")
Weight 47kg(104lb)
Blood Type B
Likes What's In Vogue
Dislikes Lame Things
Voice Actor 仄上かのほ(Kanoho Honoue)

Sakuma is a possible friend in the RPG game 1bitheart, made by Miwashiba. She works at and is always found in a CD shop, Bitwave.

"The girl working at the CD shop. Natsukage's older sister. Her personality and attitude are bad. Real bad. She only hears what she wants to, which is bad too. But she is popular with certain customers." -Sakuma's Friend List description

Appearance Edit

She has red eyes, one half of her hair is pink with purple streaks and the other is purple with pink, and a purple ahoge. She wears a headset-themed BitPhone with demon wing accessories on the sides. She wears an open black and pink jacket and short jean shorts over a pink bikini top and bottom. She appears to have some sort of pink tattoo on the side of her left leg, with black and red heel-sandals.

Personality Edit

A clerk at the CD shop, who has a bad attitude and a worse mouth. She, like her brother, is a tsundere. She loves hearing compliments, but she'll ignore unflattering ones.

Background Edit

She started running in middle school and has become rather good at it. In the past, she used to think Natsukage was "mopey."

Relationships Edit

Natsukage Suoh Edit

She is Natsukage's elder sister. She cares deeply for her brother, but it isn't always obvious. It is revealed in her free time events that she has a slight inferiority complex due to him getting to Nationals in Sky-Sea-Run compared to her running ability.

Trivia Edit

  • She started running in middle school, and got to the prefectural tournament.
  • She sometimes has to dry Natsukage off after practice, since he's too lazy to.

Quotes Edit

  • "What?! I'm Sakuma, so?! ...You window-shopping?" - Sakuma upon introduction.
  • "What? No, it's not embarrassing wearing a swimsuit."
  • "Sigh, somethin's putting me on edge. It's completely draining me."
  • "Welcoooome. ...You want something?"
  • "What?  Seriously, if you’re just window-shopping, get out."
  • "There, satisfied now? ...You should be a little happier." - Sakuma after being befriended.
  • "This is Sakuma, a clerk at this CD Shop!  She’s rude and has a bad attitude, but I think she’s a good person!  She likes.. music and manga?  Like, whatever’s in vogue!" - Nanashi on Sakuma.
  • (On Mutter) "he NEVER wants 2 dry himself off, so sumtimes I have to do it!!" - About Natsukage.

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