Sakuse Sagara
Kanji Name 佐久瀬 宛
Katakana Name サクセ サガラ
Romaji Name Sakuse Sagara
Age 16
Date of Birth October 18th
Height 158cm (5'2")
Weight 47kg
Blood Type B
Likes Chaotic things
Dislikes That old lady
Voice Actor 南原光香(Koka Nanbara)

Sagara is a possible friend in 1bitheart. She will be introduced in Chapter 4. She works at and is always found in Little Berry.

"A girl helping at a cake shop. Has a kind of pathetic personality and conduct. But she's weak to the old lady at the cake shop, and reluctantly acts normal when yelled at." - Sagara's BitWorld description

Appearance Edit

Personality Edit

A slightly delusional chuunibyou.

Background Edit

She awakened to her "PoWeR" when she was 14.

Relationships Edit

Izuchi Nasuga Edit

Sagara thinks that Izuchi is a member of the "Organization" that is out to get her. Therefore, she must go to all lengths to stop him. Meanwhile, Izuchi just thinks she has no manners and is idiotic.

Trivia Edit

  • Her "powers" include: xxDarknessSpacexx, Flameblaze Capital Noise Plum, xxPitchBlackPowerxx and Manji-Thunder Buster.
  • The bird on her head is an avatar (just like the planet-thing beside Sora).

Quotes Edit

  • "Err, weeell, I'm Sagara. But, Sagara's just my temp name in this world, see."-Sagara when introduced.
  • "Hmm, so, Sagara has a barrier up around here. 'Cause, it's dangerous outside, you know. So, I don't go out."
  • "Gooh... My sealed right eye... It aches!"
  • "What is it? If you come too close, you'll get hit with the shockwaves of my Manji-Thunder Buster, you know?"
  • "The pact is still provisional, see. The password is "Black Cross Dragon Wave!", then "Eight-Lotus Champion Hellfire!" If you don't say it right, you'll die, you know." - After her first free time event.
  • "This is Sagara, a helper at this cake shop! Her actions and ideas are both a little out-there! She likes... Things that go along with those out-there ideas, and cakes!" - Nanashi on Sagara.
  • (On Mutter) "Hmmm, well, I AWaKeNeD to my PoWeR when I was 14, so from about then? X)"

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