Rion Rocca
Kanji Name 璃苑 鹿
Katakana Name リオン ロッカ
Romaji Name Rion Rocca
Age 11
Date of Birth April 8th
Height 146cm(4'9")
Weight 35kg(77lb)
Blood Type A
Likes Cute Things
Dislikes Scary Things
Voice Actor 下明穂茶 (Hotya Shimoakari)

Rocca is a character in 1bitheart. She is a possible friend. She was introduced in Chapter 2.

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A girl who helps out at the cafe. Rocca is an easily-disoriented girl and gets down about messing up. She does her best to be positive and she is quite friendly with all kinds of people.

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Kotora Yatano Edit

He is her uncle since Kotora mentioned that she is his sister's daughter.

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Quotes Edit

  • "Hi! I'm Rocca! What'll be your order!?"-Rocca, when being introduced.

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