Kanji Name
Katakana Name ポテテ
Romaji Name Potete
Age 1
Date of Birth January 13th
Height 30cm
Weight 3kg
Blood Type  ?
Likes Playing
Dislikes Pestering
Voice Actor じょにー・じょーんず(Johnny Jones)

One of the main characters. A small female dog that is introduced in Chapter 3.


As a dog, she's short and has brown fur and a curly tail. As a human, she has short brown hair and brown eyes.


She's a kind and loyal dog, though very sharp-tounged whos willing to stick by her friends no matter what.


Potete, or Eruno didn't have a good relationship with her family, so she ran away from home. She was caught by Izuchi and forced to switch minds with a dog.

When Aira runs away, she met Potete, and they are later seen in Chapter 2 being bullied by Kirai. Once the gang (Nanashi, Misane, Miumi, and Natsukage.) find Kirai to bring him back to the cafe owner, Potete and Aira escape.


Aira Tachibana Edit

Potete's friend. She met Aira after she ran away from Kiri. She agreed to travel with her to make sure she didn't get in any trouble. When they enter Coco Alley, they encounter Kirai as he's trampling on a flowerbed. He starts harassing them only to stop once Nanashi and his friends intervene.


  • She is the youngest character in the game.
  • She's initially mistaken as a male dog, due to her voice.
  • She actually used to be human, but her mind and a dog's mind were switched by Izuchi, meaning that the one in Eruno's body is the dog's mind, while Eruno's mind is inside the dog's body.
  • Her real name is Eruno Kyouka.


  • “I’m Potete! Ain’t a pom, ain’t a shiba… I’m both!” - Potete, when being introduced.
  • "Potete is Potete! Arf arf!" - Human Potete, when introduced.
  • "Hmph, youngster. To think you made it this far with me. I suppose I must acknowledge that. Not!" - Potete when befriended.

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