Yosaka Nomiya
Kanji Name 夜榊 雅
Katakana Name ヨサカ ノミヤ
Romaji Name Yosaka Nomiya
Age 17
Date of Birth November 19th
Height 176cm(5'9")
Weight 78kg (128lb)
Blood Type O
Likes Making viruses
Dislikes Guys who piss him off
Voice Actor 成海修司(Shuuji Narumi)
Nomiya is a enemy in the RPG game 1bitheart, made by Miwashiba.

Appearance Edit

Personality Edit

The boy leader of the hackers. Often hot-headed, always noisy. He creates the viruses. Has a wealth of programming and virus knowledge. Not very cooperative, and he speaks and acts rashly. His grandfather seemed to influence his speech.

Background Edit

He apparently used to live in Break Passage as mentioned by Tobari in Chapter 3.

Relationships Edit

Mr. Yosaka Edit

In Hiyu's friend link, there is a scary grandpa named Mr. Yosaka. Nomiya is his grandson. Mr. Yosaka has been worrying about him ever since he became a hacker, despite how rude Nomiya is.

Hiyu Mekami Edit

Him and Hiyu seem to know each other, probably because Hiyu has been working in the warehouse that Mr. Yosaka owns. Hiyu was taking care of his grandpa when he was a hacker.

Trivia Edit

Quotes Edit

  • "Nomiya!!!  That’s my name!!!  An’ you better remember!!!" - Nomiya upon introduction.
  • "What’m I after?  Hell, does it matter?  I’m just helpin’ ‘cause this sounded like a fun gig!!!"
  • "Ya better show me a whole yotta-fun next time!!!  If you bore me again, you’re packed!!  Zipped!!!  DELEEETEEEEEED!!!!!"
  • "That satisfy ya?" - Nomiya when befriending.

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