Suoh Natsukage
Kanji Name 蘇芳 夏
Katakana Name スオウ ナツカゲ
Romaji Name Suoh Natsukage
Age 15
Date of Birth August 25th
Height 160cm(5'3")
Weight 48kg(106lb)
Blood Type B
Likes Exercise
Dislikes Noisy People
Voice Actor 柏崎亮太(Ryota Kashiwazaki)

Natsukage is one of the main characters. He's Nanashi's first friend in the game.

Appearance Edit

He has indigo hair with pink streaks and indigo eyes. Since he plays Sky-Sea-Run, his clothes are constantly wet.

Personality Edit

Natsukage is a big tsundere. Though he doesn't show it, he cares for his teammates that he plays Sky-Sea-Run with, as well as his friends. He especially cares for Miumi and his sister as well. He is a consistently displeased boy.

Background Edit

He used to be a bully when he was younger.

Relationships Edit

Nanashi Edit

Natsukage's friend. Nanashi met him outside of the Shrine in Sunset Hill. Nanashi awkwardly tried to befriend him, but Natsukage turned him down. They met up at 307 Tower while Natsukage was on break. They were able to hold up a conversation this time, but it was cut short when his leg injury was brought up.

Sakuma Suoh Edit

Natsukage's elder sister. They both care deeply for each other, but don't show it. An example is when they both buy presents for each other on their birthdays.

Miumi Miclairno Mizuki Edit

Natsukage's classmate and close friend. He met her at school and learned quickly that she didn't know any Japanese. He decided to teach her Japanese, making it easier for her to communicate with other people.

Yukinaga Asagi Edit

Natsukage's childhood friend and fellow Sky-Sea-Run teammate. He injured his leg when Yukinaga ran into him during a game.

Trivia Edit

  • Choco-banana ice cream is the kind he buys the most.
  • He is called Orca because Yukinaga asked him to draw a dolphin, and he drew something that looked like an orca, which can be viewed below.
  • Sometimes his sister has to dry him off after Sky-Sea-Run, as he never wants to dry himself off.
  • When he forgets to bring underwear to Sky-Sea-Run practices, he just puts clothes on top and goes to class as-is.
  • He shares the same voice actor as Yoh.

Quotes Edit

  • "…Natsukage. …Well? You want something?" - Natsukage upon introduction.
  • "Now you and I are friends. ...That's what you want, right?" - Natsukage when befriended.
  • "It’s pretty refreshing here.  All the mountains and trees, I guess."
  • "This is Natsukage! Um… He’s kinda scary! He likes… the typical stuff boys like, probably. And I guess the number one thing is ice cream!" - Nanashi on Natsukage.
  • (On Mutter) "What're you guys plotting against granny?!?"

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