Hasuya Moroku & Hapitan
Moroku & Hapitan
Moroku is the man, and Hapitan is his avatar on his shoulder.

Kanji Name 蓮舎 麓
Katakana Name ハスヤ モロク
Romaji Name Hasuya Moroku
Age 22
Date of Birth August 30th
Height 178cm(5'10")
Weight 62kg(137lb)
Blood Type AB
Likes Non-Tedious Things
Dislikes Tedious Things
Voice Actor 神崎智也(Tomoya Kanzaki)

Moroku and Hapitan are characters in 1bitheart. Moroku is a possible friend in the game. They are introduced in Chapter 2. Moroku is a gardener.

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Moroku uses his avatar, Hapitan, to speak because he cannot be bothered to do it himself, which causes problems for him when Hapitan breaks down during his free time conversation with Nanashi. He puts minimal effort into everything he does.

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  • He apparently speaks for himself on Mutter, but still nonetheless can't be bothered to, using 1 letter to respond.
  • He shares the same voice actor as Toukai Mikoto, Misane's father.
  • He only speaks once with Nanashi with his own voice.

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