Mizuki Miclairno Miumi
Kanji Name 美月・ミクレアーノ・海
Katakana Name ミヅキ・ミクレアーノ・ミウミ
Romaji Name Mizuki Miclairno Miumi
Age 15
Date of Birth May 17th
Height 151cm(4'11")
Weight 40kg(88lb)
Blood Type A
Likes The Culture of Nippon(Japan)
Dislikes Natto
Voice Actor 瀬戸ちとせ (Chitose Seto)

Miumi is a main character in the RPG game 1bitheart, made by Miwashiba. She is a half-Japanese albino girl. She is Nanashi's second friend (aside from Misane and Mikado).

Appearance Edit

Miumi has wavy white hair which is put into two small side tails. Her hair has a lilac tinge, and reaches down to her waist. Her eyes are of a similar shade to her hair. Her attire somewhat resembles a sailor uniform with its tie and collar. Her dress gradiates from a light blue to a dark lilac colour and is decorated with paler stripes and lace. She wears white tights and her shoes are the same shade of dark lilac, with ribbon going up to her knees. Her BitPhone resembles white wings.

Personality Edit

Miumi is a bright cheery girl. In the Japanese version, she doesn't know many Japanese words, so occasionally sprinkles English words into her dialogue. Since this doesn't make sense in the English version, it's switched.

Background Edit

Relationships Edit

Natsukage Suoh Edit

Miumi's classmate and close friend. Natsukage met her at school and learned quickly that Miumi didn't know any Japanese. He decided to teach her Japanese, making it easier for her to communicate with other people.

Trivia Edit

  • She calls Natsukage "Orkun", and Yukinaga "Yukky".
  • She likes cute things, sweet things, and hard workers.
  • Ohagi is one of her favorite Japanese foods due to its special texture.

Quotes Edit

  • "I’m Miumi Miclairno Mizuki! Yoroshiku(Nice) to meet you!" - Miumi upon introduction.
  • "Nanashi-san, my friend! Yoroshiku!" - Miumi when befriended.
  • "There a lots of big buildings here, so there’s lots of shade too! Totemo(Very) cool!"
  • "This is Miumi! She’s half-Japanese and moved to Japan a few years ago! She likes.. Japan? Japanese things?" - Nanashi on Miumi.

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