Kanou Meu
Kanji Name 叶宇 雨
Katakana Name カノウ メウ
Romaji Name Kanou Meu
Age 21
Date of Birth June 13th
Height 170cm (5'7")
Weight 58kg (128lb)
Blood Type A
Likes The spiritual
Dislikes Fortunes being wrong
Voice Actor 杏都りこ(Riko Itetsuku)

Meu is a possible friend in 1bitheart. She is introduced in Chapter 4. She works at and is always found in Star Brink.

"A high-energy woman who tells fortunes. Has a staggering 20% success rate on fortunes. She mostly serves to console depressed people. That said, that seems to be what everyone is after." -Meu's BitWorld description

Appearance Edit

Meu is a slender lady with periwinkle hair tied into two long braids. She has fair skin and orange eyes. She wears a rather fancy dark periwinkle dress with a white ruffled top and a matching collar. Her sleeves are dark periwinkle and end in white lace and she has a purple bodice and matching belt, with a small silver chain dangling off of it. The inside of the dress is pink and the end of the dress is trimmed with white lace. She wears dark purple pants with white buckles near the end and a flare at the end of her pants. Her shoes are light purple and she wears a pink boa.

Personality Edit

A very energetic and lively fortune teller, Meu is optimistic even when she gets facts wrong in her divination. She seems to be good at consultation, but would rather continue with divination than being just another general store.

Background Edit

Relationships Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Meu tends to laugh a lot.
  • She has a 20% accuracy rate on her fortunes.
  • Thinks consultation isn't spiritual enough.
  • She's worried about people not coming in to get fortunes, and, instead, using apps for their fortunes.
  • Her shop also sells accessories.

Quotes Edit

  • "Oh dear! That would be Meu! Kyahaha! You'd best be friendly! ☆ Hahaaa!"-Meu when introduced.
  • "A fortune is never a guarantee! Why, it usually isn't, in fact! ☆ Kyahaaa!"
  • "My getup? Fortune-teller-esque, yes?! ☆ Quite witchy! But not much meaning to it, no!"
  • "My my! Why so cheery, you ask? Better cheery than anything else! Heeheehee!"
  • "This is Meu, the fortune-teller! She's pretty popular for her energetic fortunes! She likes... Eccentric things, I'll bet!" - Nanashi on Meu.
  • "How truly marvelous! ☆ Ahaha! Hmm! Let us spend more time together!" - Meu when befriended.
  • (On Mutter) "The stars wont guide a greedy heart! ;^)"

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