Seno Mary

Tummy Tummy Ache

Kanji Name 瀬乃 愛
Katakana Name セノ メアリー
Romaji Name Seno Meari
Age 17
Date of Birth September 8th
Height 152cm (5')
Weight 43kg (95lb)
Blood Type AB
Likes Normal things
Dislikes Lack of sleep
Voice Actor 青柳るう(Ru Aoyagi)

Mary is a possible friend in 1bitheart. She is introduced in Chapter 4. She is an idol who works at and is always found in Sorry Music Japan.

"A girl working as a pop idol. On break from her stage persona Tummy Tummy Ache. The name comes from her born weak stomach. She seem to have quite a longing for normality." -Mary's BitWorld description

Appearance Edit

Mary has a fair complexion with pink eyes and very long pale blonde hair worn in pigtails streaked with pastel pink and blue. She has a curled cowlick and bangs framing her face, and on the side of her head is a purple bow with streamers, an upside down ice cream, mesh fabric, ruffled pale yellow and white fabric, and pastel pink, blue, and yellow spheres decorating it. Her dress is composed of a purple corset with several chains of the spheres on the corner and on each hip with a piece of mesh hanging from them, while her skirt is in three layers, one entirely made out of them. The two layers above them are glittery, one being purple, the other light blue. A pale yellow fluffy collar circles her neck with a layered ruffled pale yellow and white cravat and a dark purple bow, and on the back of her dress are four pale yellow wings and a set of balloons. She wears one purple and pink striped sleeve and a fluffy gradient sleeve on the other arm covered in stars. Her purple boots have a pastel pink sole, one with a stripe around the middle, and are decorated with pastel purple bows. One boot has a pastel purple cuff with a ribbon at the middle and is worn with a light purple stocking, the other is covered in fluffy material and is worn with a pastel pink stocking.

Personality Edit

Background Edit

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Trivia Edit

  • Her stage name "Tummy Tummy Ache" is a allusion to the real life singer Kyary Pamyu Pamyu.

Quotes Edit

  • “Be wary on the streets, be Mary if you’re me. My other name’s Tummy Tummy Ache. My tummy aches. I’m Mary.”-Mary, when being introduced.
  • "Such things do not matter to me." -Mary when told by Nanashi that her dress would get stained at the beach.
  • "Now I and Nanashi are friends, I see. Let's get along well. I'm Mary." - Mary when befriended.

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