Yakumo Kuroku & Shiroro
Kanji Name 八雲 黒&白
Katakana Name ヤクモ クロク&シロロ
Romaji Name Yakumo Kuroku&Shiroro
Age 8
Date of Birth June 3rd
Height 138cm(4'6")
Weight 35kg(77lb)
Blood Type O
Likes Pranks
Dislikes Angry People
Voice Actor ドン栗 (Donguri)

Kuroku and Shiroro are possible friends in the RPG game 1bitheart, made by Miwashiba. They're always found in Twilight Park on Sunset Hill.

"The sister of the Yakumo twins. She enjoys flipping things on their heads even more than Kuroku, and likes setting traps for pranks." -Shiroro's BitWorld description

"The brother of the Yakumo twins. Though he's her brother, he likes thinking up pranks behind Shiroro's back." -Kuroku's BitWorld description

Appearance Edit

Kuroku has white hair and wears white clothing, and Shiroro has black hair and wears black clothing. The only things these twins have in common in appearance is that they both wear the same cape, their bangs are in the same style as each others, they both have orange eyes, that turn to yellow and they both have foxed eared (Or cat eared) BitPhones. Kuroku is male and Shiroro is female.

Personality Edit

Twin brother and sister. Playful and prank-loving. Are fairly mean, but unintetionally.

Background Edit

Relationships Edit

Nanashi Edit

During their free time event, they make Nanashi play pranks in order to be their friend. When they get in trouble for said pranks, Nanashi visits them at Yasune's shop, where they're doing their homework, where he becomes friends with them.

Shitara Yakumo Edit

Kuroku and Shiroro are Shitara's little brother and sister. They call her a 'witch', and she acts as their mother more than a big sister.

Trivia Edit

  • Shiroro's favorite food is squid ink pasta. Kuroku's favorite food is chocolate.
  • Although Shiroro's name is a variation of 'white', her color scheme is black. Vice-versa with Kuroku as well.
  • Shiroro and Kuroku share a Mutter ID, which is kuroshiro (blackwhite).

Quotes Edit

  • "It’s a kid’s job to be contrary to grown-ups! Flip things on their heads!" - Kuroku.
  • "Grown-ups’ll do anything if you’re sly enough! Seriously gullible!" - Kuroku.
  • "Ring around the rosie, pocket full of… Hey! Shiroro! You’re too fast! You’re gonna tear my arm off!!" - Kuroku.
  • S: "What, mister? You wanna play with us?" K: "Let’s play soccer! You can be the ball!"
  • "Rock, paper, scissors! Rock, paper… Dynamite! BOOM! Haha! That means I win!!!" - Shiroro.
  • "Now mister is our slave!" - Shiroro after being befriended.
  • "Lookin' forward to it!" - Kuroku after being befriended.
  • "These kids are Shiroro and Kuroku! They’re twins who really like pranks! They like… stuff kids like?  Maybe?" - Nanashi on Shiroro and Kuroku.
  • "Granny, why's one plus one gotta be two?" -Shiroro.

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