Yatano Kotora
Kanji Name 八咫ノ 琥
Katakana Name ヤタノ コトラ
Romaji Name Yatano Kotora
Age 34
Date of Birth September 14th
Height 187cm (6'2")
Weight 69kg (152lb)
Blood Type A
Likes Playing
Dislikes Being annoyed
Voice Actor 冷徹(Reitetsu)

Kotora is an enemy in 1bitheart. He is introduced in Chapter 2.

Appearance Edit

He has brown hair and eyes and he's the tallest member in the group. He wears red glasses and a black apron over his pants.

Personality Edit

A timid guy who can't say no.

Background Edit

For a portion of Chapter 2, he poses as the owner of Café Lapin. He continuously called Kirai over to the cafe to discuss their plans.

Relationships Edit

Kirai Nasuga Edit

His "partner" for Chapter 2. They both worked together while infiltrating Coco Alley. Kirai barely treats him with respect and he always calls him, "old man".

Rocca Rion Edit

She is his niece since he mentioned that Rocca is his sister's daughter.

Trivia Edit

  • He is shown differently in the 1bitheart OP.
  • He's the only Hacker who doesn't have a special talent. According to Tobari, he's just there to apologize.

Quotes Edit

  • “Huh? Should I really say my full name? Uhh… Kotora Yatano.” - Kotora, when being introduced.
  • "You're full of curiousity... Well, if you weren't, I guess you wouldn't be talking to me now? Well, er... Thanks, I suppose." - Kotora when befriended.

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