Kuruga Kiri
Kanji Name 狂牙 織
Katakana Name クルガ キリ
Romaji Name Kuruga Kiri
Age 32
Date of Birth September 9th
Height 183cm(6')
Weight 74kg(163lb)
Blood Type AB
Likes Muscles
Dislikes Bones
Voice Actor 柴田 マサタカ(Masataka Shibata)

Kiri is a possible friend in the RPG game 1bitheart, by Miwashiba. He's always found working in Ashitobi Lab on Blue Sun Street.

"A scientist doing some research in an old lab. He's abnormally passionate about muscles. Well, nothing about him is normal, really." -Kiri's Friend List description

Appearance Edit

Kiri has light blue eyes and long purpleish hair, with a headband shaped BitPhone, and screws surrounding his head. He appears with his black shirt, unbuttoned, revealing a stitch down his right arm. He wears a dogtag, and a white lab coat, with blue pants and purple stitched socks.

Personality Edit

Kiri is a self-proclaimed mad scientist, muscle augmentation being his subject of interest.

Background Edit

Relationships Edit

Nanashi Edit

Nanashi serves as Kiri's assistant in his free time event. Kiri makes him go around and try people to get a strange liquid that he believes will cause muscle augmentation, but it fails.

Aira Tachibana Edit

Aira is an android he created. Immediately after powering her on, she said 'I can't see the world if I stay with you, dad', then broke a hole in the wall and ran away at Mach 20.

Trivia Edit

  • He seems to use a Socratic-like method for his experiments.
  • He says he made Aira's legs extra strong.

Quotes Edit

  • "If you want an experimental body, I'll remodel you anytime!!! But I can't guarantee safety! Mwahahahaha!!!!"
  • "What?! You want to be a guinea pig?! I welcome it! Come, don't run away now!!!"
  • "Mix this medicine with this one...! Heat...! Cells, activating...! Muscle growth...! World destruction...! Mwohohoo...!!!"
  • "Hahah… Interested in my experiments? If you’re that curious, I may just have to use you as a test subject, you know!!!!"
  • "Now you and I are bound by contract! Mwuhuh... Huhohohoh... WAHAHAHAHA!!!!!" - Kiri after being befriended.
  • "The middle-aged self-declared mad scientist, Kiri. He’s kind of… weird all over, but I think he might be nice! He likes… weird flavors and shapes. And muscles?" - Nanashi on Kiri.

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