Nasuga Kirai
Kanji Name 濟呀 來
Katakana Name ナスガ キライ
Romaji Name Nasuga Kirai
Age 10
Date of Birth December 25th
Height 137cm (4'6")
Weight 33kg (73lb)
Blood Type B
Likes Unintelligent people
Dislikes Commoners and geniuses
Voice Actor 音枝優日(Yuka Otoeda)

Kirai is one of the hackers, in 1bitheart. He is introduced in Chapter 2.

 Appearance Edit

He has white hair, with black stripes, and light grey eyes. He has a barcode under his right eye. He wears a orange jacket as well, with long sleeves and a hoodie. The jacket goes down to his knees. He wears almost knee high white socks, and brown shoes.

Personality Edit

He makes his boredom evident. Also, he is seen to be bratty and is rather arrogant and highly of himself. He also tends to dislike being ordered around by others.

Background Edit

He stopped going to grade school as he found no point in studying.

Relationships Edit

Izuchi Nasuga Edit

His older brother. The two boys have some things in common. An example is their quotes. Kirai's quote is "I'm the amaaazing Kirai Nasuga." and Izuchi's is "I'm the great Izuchi Nasuga. Bona-fide genius." He hates his brother, and the reason he started hacking was to show that he was better than Izuchi at hacking.

Kotora Yatano Edit

His "partner" for Chapter 2. They both worked together while infiltrating Coco Alley. He barely treats Kotora with respect and always calls him, "old man".

Trivia Edit

  • He is the smallest and lightest human character in the game.
  • He has a barcode under his eye like the avatar for the utaite Mafumafu, a producer and utaite Miwashiba has illustrated many works for.


  • "I'm the amaaazing Kirai Nasuga." - Kirai when being introduced.
  • "Boy, I just don't get the way you common folk think... But that's nothing my greatness doesn't need to know anyway." - Kirai when befriended.

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