Chigaya Jin
Kanji Name 白茅 迅
Katakana Name チガヤ ジン
Romaji Name Chigaya Jin
Age 21
Date of Birth May 19th
Height 180cm(5'11")
Weight 69kg(152lb)
Blood Type O
Likes Games
Dislikes Irritation
Voice Actor shun

Jin is a possible friend in 1bitheart. He is introduced in Chapter 3.

"A young man who immerses himself in arcades. First-class nationwide in fighting games, but he spends a lot of time and money getting there. Short-tempered, and may get rough." -Jin's BitWorld description

Appearance Edit

He has gold hair and eyes, with a Native American themed headress with yellow, red, and white feathers, giving the illusion of long white hair. Besides that he wears a gold and white cloth around is heck, a red arm band, and jeans. He's seen barefoot and holding a bucket of arcade tokens.

Personality Edit

Spends a lot of time in arcades. Short-tempered.

Background Edit

Relationships Edit

Hiyu Mekami

A family friend of sorts? Hiyu cares about his well being and his obsession with fighting games, going as far as cheating to beat him so he'll eventually give up.

Trivia Edit

  • He, along with Natsukage, are the only dark-skinned characters in the game.

Quotes Edit

  • “Uh?! Me? Jin. Couldn’t hear you… Make yourself a li'l louder!”-Jin when being introduced.

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