Nasuga Izuchi
Kanji Name 濟呀 雷
Katakana Name ナスガ イズチ
Romaji Name Nasuga Izuchi
Age 17
Date of Birth December 24th
Height 169cm (5'7")
Weight 55kg (121lb)
Blood Type B
Likes Himself
Dislikes Foolish commoners
Voice Actor しぐれ なお(Nao Shigure)

Izuchi is a character in 1bitheart. He is introduced in Chapter 4. He is a possible friend, and he is Kirai's older brother. He is always found at The Beach.

"A young man, self-described genius. He actually is fairly intelligent, so he tends to look down on others. That really seeps into his personality." - Izuchi's BitWorld description

Appearance Edit

He has platinum blonde hair, with brown stripes. His eye colour is platinum blonde as well. He wears an orange coat, with a fur necklet, and fur on the end of his sleeves as well. His pants have two uneven straps hanging behind him. He wears an anklet on his right ankle, and some sandles on his feet.

Personality Edit

Looks down on basically everyone else. Self-described genius.

Background Edit

Relationships Edit

Kirai Nasuga Edit

His younger brother. The two boys have some things in common. An example is their quotes. Kirai's quote is "I'm the amaaazing Kirai Nasuga." and Izuchi's is "I'm the great Izuchi Nasuga. Bona-fide genius." He did not know that Kirai was a part of the hackers.

Sagara Sakuse Edit

He thinks she's an idiot with no manners for being a chuunibyou. She is determined to 'stop' him as she thinks he is part of an evil organization out to get her.

Trivia Edit

  • In the game, he was described as having white hair.
  • He apparently didn't know that his own brother was apart of the hackers.
  • He usually collects seashells at the beach.

Quotes Edit

  • "I'm the great Izuchi Nasuga. Bona-fide genius." - Izuchi when introduced.
  • (On Mutter) "Genius is something you are born with. You do not become one out of the will to do so."

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