Mekami Hiyu
Kanji Name 芽守 百
Katakana Name メカミ ヒユ
Romaji Name Mekami Hiyu
Age 18
Date of Birth March 30th
Height 160cm(5'3")
Weight 49kg(108lb)
Blood Type A
Likes Programming
Dislikes Tracking down bugs
Voice Actor 明智駒子(Komako Akechi)
Hiyu is a possible friend in 1bitheart. She is introduced in Chapter 3.

"A girl who loves virus extermination. She has a future ambition to surpass the Master Program and eradicate all viruses and malware." -Hiyu's BitWorld description

Appearance Edit

Hiyu has long green hair tied into two side braids and red eyes, with an eyeglass covering her right eye. She wears a baggy black shirt with white stripes, and a white shirt with a red ribbon under it. She has a black skirt with red stripes, and wears black shorts under it. Her shoes are red and black, with gears on each side. She also has a brown belt and bag on her left shoulder.

Personality Edit

Studying programs and the like. A little weird.

Background Edit

Relationships Edit

Mr. Yosaka Edit

Nomiya's grandpa. Apparently, Hiyu has an unending respect for Mr. Yosaka. She became his disciple.

Nomiya Yosaka Edit

Mr. Yosaka's grandson. As she became Mr. Yosaka's disciple, she and Nomiya saw each other a lot.

Trivia Edit

Quotes Edit

  • "Ha, ha, ha... I am Hiyu! A miracle super buster girl am I!"-Hiyu, when introduced.

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