Iogi Hakuhi
Kanji Name 五百扇 拍
Katakana Name イオギ ハクヒ
Romaji Name Hakuhi Iogi
Age 25
Date of Birth January 1st
Height 162cm(5'4")
Weight 55kg(121lb)
Blood Type A
Likes Strolls
Dislikes Scary People
Voice Actor 雪城あゆむ(Ayumu Yukishiro)

Hakuhi is a possible friend in the RPG game 1bitheart, made by Miwashiba. She's always found near the Komainu Shrine in Sunset Hill.

"The shrine maiden at Komainu Shrine. Peaceful and relaxed. Deeply faithful and trusting, so easily-fooled." -Hakuhi's Friend List description

Appearance Edit

She has long black hair with purple eyes, as well as a red ribbon themed BitPhone, and sandals. She wears a red and white shrine maiden's uniform. She has strings of red and white diamonds coming from her back.

Personality Edit

Easily swindled, and easy about spending money. Very caring for everyone around her.

Background Edit

Her, Takamiya and Shitara have been friends since they were kids.

Relationships Edit

Nanashi Edit

During her free time event, Nanashi helps her stand up for herself and try to prevent her being fooled into giving a random person money.

Shitara Edit

One of Hakuhi's childhood friends. She calls Shitara 'Shi-chan'.

Takamiya Edit

One of Hakuhi's childhood friends. Takamiya has had a crush on her since they were in grade school. Hakuhi thanks Takamiya for always looking after and worrying about her.

Trivia Edit

  • According to her Mutter log, she bought a 350k yen futon because it was very warm.

Quotes Edit

  • "I am the shrine maiden here.  Call me Hakuhi." - Hakuhi upon introduction.
  • "Come to visit the shrine, have you?  Always good to have the protection of the divine."
  • "Fallen leaves never go away as much as you sweep.  It’s good to have work to do, at least…"
  • "Good weather we’re having.  I could nod off at any second."
  • "This is the shrine maiden, Hakuhi!  She’s really calm!  And seems pretty gullible!  She likes… things with thick flavor?  And things good for your health, probably." - Nanashi on Hakuhi.

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