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1bitHeart is a friend-making adventure game by △○□× (Miwashiba) made in WOLF RPG Editor.

"Nanashi is a young, reclusive boy in a high-tech world governed by programs.

One day, a girl suddenly appears in his room, and proposes that Nanashi goes out and make friends.
He decides to give it a try, but just as he does, odd things start to happen around town..."

Plot Edit

You play as a boy named Nanashi adventuring to find friends. It's a story-oriented game with a focus on befriending people around town. There will also be parts which is quite like the anime and game Danganronpa, and the game Ace Attorney.

  • Note: There is now an option to enable extra hints in the Talking Times that will specify the correct topic to present.
  • You’re prompted to choose a “difficulty” upon starting the game, and can change it from the note on the desk in BitWorld.

This is Miwasiba's 5th game.

This game has many triggering content, such as suicide mention, one friend event with offscreen animal death, one friend event with threats of self-harm, one friend event with an optional horror segment with some jumpscares,

offscreen poisoning, and some mild swearing.

(Chapter 1) Dolphin's Dream & Milk Tea Edit

(Chapter 2) Honey Clover Break Soul Edit

(Chapter 3) Braving The Lion's Den Edit

(Chapter 4) Key Of Mind Edit

(Chapter XXX) Misane Mikoto Cannot Unravel Edit

Friend Guide Edit

This was copied from vgperson's.

A guide to befriending people during Free Time.

General InfoEdit

There are two categories of friends:
Those who are befriended as part of the plot, and those who aren't.

Plot FriendsEdit

They will be added to your Friend List in BitWorld upon befriending them in the plot.
However, you can still give then presents during Free Time, as long as they're around.
Getting them to 100 fondness points gets you a single Friend Event and their Friend Item.

Non-Plot FriendsEdit

These friends can only be befriended during Free Time at the end of a chapter.
They have four Friend Events, one every 25 fondness points.
The final event at 100 points will both add them to your Friend List and give you their Friend Item.

Note: The Friend List bios come with bonus Mutter logs if you press Confirm (Z/Enter/Space).
Also note the difference between Friend Items in the ITEM menu and the Friend List in BitWorld.
The number of friends Nanashi has at the end will affect the ending.
(Regarding requirements: Even the best ending will require only a little over half of the total.)
You'll be free to ignore friend-making entirely until the last Free Time with no consequences.
In fact, making no friends until the end will be the easiest way to see every ending.


Each person has three "favorite" presents, which result in unique messages when you give them.
Two of the favorite presents will add 15 fondness points, and one of them adds 20. All other presents add 5.

  • s mark the gift which is most cost-effective for each person. (Some have two equivalent ones.)

As you can see, Umai?bos are OP, as you get 15 points : 10 bits for people who like them.

A * on the person's name means their "best" favorite item has a ratio worse or equal to 1 point : 2 bits.
You can get 1:2 with Umai?bos even if they're not a favorite. Thus, Umai?bos are best for them.
Note: Since you can get Mikado anything, he will have a * but it will be like (*) because it depends on what you give him that has a ratio worse, equal, or more. Everything you give him equals 5 points.

Main CharactersEdit

Friend +15 Present +15 Present +20 Present
Mikado(*) Anything Anything Anything
Misane Kitten Scrunchie Blankit Kittytail
Natsukage Lettuce-jiro BEAUTY IS PORK Ice Cream Pop*
Miumi Umai?bo* Love Takoyaki Angler Mochi
Haruya* Milky Cookies Lucky Turn Black Cocoa
Akitaka Coola Cola* Guilty Cards Fingerless Gloves
Aira Muscle Protein Rolly Beads USB Player*
Potete Palm Mix Wolpis Coola Cola*
Nomiya Coola Cola* Angler Mochi Black Bandana
Kotora Flower Tea Milky Cookies Koala Cigarette
Kirai Palm Mix Wolpis Vacation Jelly
Tobari* Flower Tea Milky Cookies Black Cocoa

Sunset HillEdit

Friend +15 Present +15 Present +20 Present
Yasune Umai?bo* Ice Cream Pop Lettuce-jiro
Shitara Cold Remedy Stomach Meds Love Takoyaki*
Kuroku/Shiroro Soda Cider Love Takoyaki Ice Cream Pop*
Hakuhi Angler Mochi Cold Remedy Heavy Star Ramen*
Takamiya Heavy Star Ramen Muscle Protein Stomach Meds*
Shiren Umai?bo* Heavy Star Ramen Lettuce-jiro
Kaori Cold Remedy* Bunny Memo Pad* Sec-C

Blue Sun StreetEdit

Friend +15 Present +15 Present +20 Present
Kiri Umai?bo* Angler Mochi Muscle Protein
Sakuma* BEAUTY IS PORK Tummy Tummy Ache Ao Haru Road
Sekiyu Tongue Twister Index Ice Cream Pop* Soda Cider
Yukinaga Soda Cider Ice Cream Pop* SEVEN PEACE
Akuta Ao Haru Road Bunny Memo Pad* Angler Mochi


Friend +15 Present +15 Present +20 Present
Rocca Rolly Beads* Milky Cookies Flower Bandage
Chino* Black Cocoa Milky Cookies Flower Tea
Sora* Blankit Snug Scarf Star Sand
Moroku Lucky Turn Black Cocoa Breadcrumbs*
Akashi Flower Bandage Manly Eye Mask Milky Cookies*
Misato Kitten Scrunchie Blankit Rolly Beads*
Momori* Manly Eye Mask Flower Tea GIRLS

Break PassageEdit

Friend +15 Present +15 Present +20 Present
Enri Coola Cola* Morning Glory Fan* Wolpis
Asuto Big WAC Black Bandana Larikkuma Stick*
Azusa Wolpis Coola Cola* Big WAC
Jin Big WAC Morning Glory Fan* Victory Token
Hiyu Wolpis Fingerless Gloves USB Player*
Yuuto* Wolpis Milky Cookies Flower Tea
Ryuuri Cross Ring* Rainbow Afro Fingerless Gloves
Kirara Cross Ring* Rainbow Afro Sparkly Polish*

Sweet BeachEdit

Friend +15 Present +15 Present +20 Present
Sagara Guilty Cards Cross Ring Chocolate Cake
Meu Rainbow Afro Vacation Jelly Palm Mix
Izuchi Koala Cigarette Cold Remedy Victory Token
Saaya Blankit Kitten Scrunchie Cross Ring
Mary Stomach Meds Vacation Jelly Large Lollipop
Meru Palm Mix Rainbow Afro Teeny Bikini
Hitohito Soda Cider Coola Cola Kittytail

Some friend events that have yes/no questions will give you a bonus 5 points for picking the "right" option.
Which I won't bother making a guide for. In general, if there's an "honest" option, that one's better.

Special NotesEdit

Is on the bench on the right side of Honey Garden. Yes, only his legs are visible.

Misato's third event:
If you agree to her request, you'll be sent to a brief horror-esque segment.
Saying no will skip it with no penalty, other than not getting a 500-bit reward.
Each room has part of a message. Put together, it's "NEXT TO THE GIRL."
Examine the wall just to the right of the girl painting in the hall to find the way out.

Kirara: Appears in the Backstreet only after befriending Ryuuri.

Kirara's third event and Mutter: Is not "untranslated." It's supposed to be incomprehensible symbols; that's the joke.

Umai?bo is a reference to the snack Umaibo, originally “Umainokabo” (“umai no ka” being a question, “is it tasty?”, as opposed to simply “Tasty Stick”). Ao Haru Road is a reference to Ao Haru Ride. SEVEN PEACE is a reference to One Piece, arguably with some Dragonball. BEAUTY IS PORK is a reference to BUMP OF CHICKEN - the all caps English name, the two-letter middle word, the animal food. (And B-Pork is not meant to be a Bjork reference - it was “Bippo” in Japanese). Tummy Tummy Ache (“Pomu Pomu Pain,” which refers to stomach aches) is an allusion to Kyary Pamyu Pamyu. Tummy Tummy Ache, or Mary will be a possible friend in the game in Chapter 4. Larikkuma’s name is a reference to Rilakkuma (whose name is a portmanteau of “relax” and “bear”), but the rest is clearly a reference to Dangan Ronpa’s Monokuma.


BiTetris Payouts Level 5+: 200 bits Level 10+: 1000 bits Level 20+: 2000 bits Level 30+: 6000 bits Level 40+: 10000 bits Level 50+: 20000 bits (Going past Level 50 won't get you any more bits.)

PuyoBits Payouts 50+ Points: 100 bits 250+ Points: 300 bits 500+ Points: 700 bits 1000+ Points: 2000 bits 2000+ Points: 4000 bits 3000+ Points: 6000 bits 4000+ Points: 8000 bits 5000+ Points: 10000 bits (Going past 5000 points won't get you any more bits.)

There has to be a better way! Checking the bottom-right tile in BitWorld will give you 999,999 bits for free.


Some of the voice actors have fully voiced some of their parts, but be careful in watching some of them. They contain spoilers.



Tousayu, Mikado's voice actor voiced this full part.

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