Kumashiro Enri
Kanji Name 神代 焉
Katakana Name クマシロ エンリ
Romaji Name Kumashiro Enri
Age 15
Date of Birth August 10th
Height 156cm(5'3")
Weight 46kg(112lb)
Blood Type O
Likes Playing with friends
Dislikes Being rushed
Voice Actor 霜村彰(Akira Shimomura)
Enri is a possible friend in 1bitheart. He is introduced in Chapter 3.

"Akitaka's friend. Plays drums, and isn't good at string instruments. He has plenty of Larikkuma goods thanks to his friend, but he doesn't have much interest himself" -Enri's BitWorld description

Appearance Edit

Enri has yellow neon green hair and pink/red eyes. He has a hat with a bear on it, and his drumsticks on it. He got his hat from Asuto.

Personality Edit

Doesn't come across as very energetic or bright. He seems to be a bit awkward socially, and has a hard time making conversation with people who he's not close to, especially Nanashi. Also a bit timid and easily scared.

Background Edit

He's in a band with Akitaka and Asuto, and appears to be very close to him. Apparently, he was chased by a dog when he was young.

Relationships Edit

Akitaka Kujoh & Asuto Aizen Edit

Enri's friends and band mates. He cares about both of them, and wears the hat Asuto gave him (begrudgingly). They all have nicknames for each other, Enri's being 'Erin'.

Trivia Edit

  • His name 'kumashiro' means white bear, or better 'polar bear'.
  • He has the same birthday as Kaori.

Quotes Edit

  • "Ah, hey. I'm Enri. I play drums, dude."-Enri, when being introduced.
  • "Ain't physiologically possible, man."

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