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The third area of the game. It is accessible in Chapter 2. It is described as a place where many tired businessmen goes to. It is also said to have many cafes and this place might be one of the few places where live flowers still exist.

Areas Edit

Café Lapin Edit

A cafe owned and ran by Kotora. This is where Rocca works. Also, this is where the hackers usually meet up.

Flower Bee Edit

A flower shop owned and ran by Chino and her husband. Haruya helps his parents by making the deliveries.

Spica Edit

A planetarium owned and used to be ran by Sora's family. Also, Sora lives in there.

Honey Garden Edit

A garden where Moroku works as a gardener. The flowers here are planted by the local middle-schoolers every year and Moroku is always giving them thorough care. Akashi's legs can be found on the bench at the far right side.

Childoll Edit

A shop owned and ran by Misato. It is considered very creepy by people and that's why Misato doesn't get much guests/customers.

Rinata Edit

A clothing shop owned and ran by the fashion designer Momori.

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