Nasuki Chino
Kanji Name 凪梳 乃
Katakana Name ナスキ チノ
Romaji Name Nasuki Chino
Age 36
Date of Birth June 28th
Height 161cm(5'3")
Weight 56kg(124lb)
Blood Type A
Likes Sunny Places
Dislikes Hurrying
Voice Actor 兎多月かのん (Kanon Utatsuki)
Chino is a character and possible friend in 1bitheart. She is Haruya's mother.

"A woman working at a flower shop. Haruya's mother, who takes things at her own pace. Really into making herb tea these days. She even has periodic tea parties." -Chino's BitWorld description

 Appearance Edit

She has long brown hair, including two side braids on each side of her head, green eyes, and a full blossomed flower BitPhone. She wears a green head cloth and shawl, with brown ribbons on the bottom of each side, with a white sweater underneath. She has an orange skirt coming down to above her knees, black leggings, and green slip-on shoes.

Personality Edit

Chino takes things at her own pace. She is into making herb tea these days, even having periodic tea parties. She is very bad at directions and gets lost quite easily.

Background Edit

She's gotten lost on delivieries and her husband had to call the police to find her, so she doesn't do deliveries on her own, or much at all anymore.

Relationships Edit

Nanashi Edit

Her free time event revolves around Nanashi trying to help her do deliveries on her own. Although it seemed to be a complete failure, Chino still had fun regardless.

Haruya Nasuki Edit

Haruya is Chino's son. Haruya helps her and his father at the flower shop they own.

Trivia Edit

  • Lillies make her sleepy.

Quotes Edit

  • "Hahah... I'm Chino. Thank you for taking care of Haruya."-Chino, when being introduced.


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