Blue Sun Street Sign

Description Edit

The first area of the game. This is the starting point of the game. It's described as having many tall buildings.

Areas in Blue Sun Street Edit

Nanashi and Mikado's Apartment Edit

This is where Nanashi and Mikado lives in. Misane temporarily stays here with them.

Ashitobi Lab Edit

This is Kiri's laboratory. This is where he does all his experiments and research(on muscles).   

Bitwave Edit

A CD shop. This is where Sakuma works.

Rat Ear Edit

A bitphone shop. This is where Nio works.

307 Tower Edit

Described as the tallest tower in the world.This is where Sekiyu works as a guide. Akuta can also be found here sleeping on the floor beside the elevator.

Manta Swimming School Edit

This is where Natsukage and Yukinaga practice Sky Sea Run. This can be found at the 5th floor of 307 To​wer.

Control Room Edit

This is where the Master Program can be found. This is also the hackers' hideout. It is found at the top floor of 307 Tower.

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