Aizen Asuto
Kanji Name 愛染 歩
Katakana Name アイゼン アスト
Romaji Name Aizen Asuto
Age 15
Date of Birth January 27th
Height 163cm(5'4")
Weight 52kg(115lb)
Blood Type B
Likes Bustling places
Dislikes Complicated stuff
Voice Actor 瀬良響介(Kyosuke Sera)
Asuto is a possible friend in 1bitheart. He is introduced in Chapter 3.

"Akitaka's friend. Plays bass, and can't play guitar. He really loves Larikkuma, so his house is full of merchandise." -Asuto's BitWorld description

Appearance Edit

Asuto has green eyes, blue hair, with a green striped headband. He wears a blue jacket over a green striped shirt, with green zippers all across the left side of his jacket. He wears a green bracelet, and black shorts that come to just below his knees. He wears black shoes, and a bass case on his back, with a Larikkuma keychain attatched.

Personality Edit

Very lively. Not too bright. He loves Larikkuma.

Background Edit

Seems to have played in band with Akitaka and Enri for a long time.

Relationships Edit

Akitaka Kujoh & Enri Kumashiro Edit

His bandmates, and friends, who he often buys Larikkuma merchandise for. They all have nicknames for each other, Asuto's being 'Asu'.


His free time event revolves around trying to figure out how a claw machine works so he can get a Larikkuma prize from it.

Trivia Edit

  • He aspires to have a complete Larikkuma collection.

Quotes Edit

  • "I'm Asuto! Err, I'm a bass-pluckin' guy!"-Asuto, when being introduced.

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