Hatanaka Arumu
1BeatHeart Arumu Tachibana Preview
Kanji Name 幡半 或
Katakana Name ハタナカ アルム
Romaji Name Hatanaka Arumu
Voice Actor 羽森つぐみ (Tsugumi Hamori)

"A lively photographer. Newbie reporter for a paper. Talks a lot, and very excitedly at that." - Arumu's In-Game Profile

She is listed as female and 19 years old.

Appearance Edit

She has lighter green hair that is worn in a ponytail and sky blue eyes. A black ribbon with an orange tag is used to tie up her hair, and she wears a similarly orange hat with a screw pattern on her head. She always has a camera slung across her in order to be able to take pictures quickly.

Personality Edit

She is quite excitable and reckless, tending to do things on a whim and not showing much fear despite the gravity of the situation as she helps Misane and Nanase. She tends to snap pictures first and ask questions later, which she blames on being a reporter.

Background Edit

Relationships Edit

Yuuto Oui Edit

Arumu's boss. During her introduction, she mentions "big-boss Oui", indicating that she works for Yuuto.

Trivia Edit

Quotes Edit

  • "Gwhaaa?! That's one heck of a resume?!"
  • "Don't! You underestimate! Hatanaka's! Running speed! And stamina!!!"
  • "I'm always prepared to die!!"
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