Kujoh Akitaka
Kanji Name 九條 空
Katakana Name クジョウ アキタカ
Romaji Name Kujoh Akitaka
Age 15
Date of Birth September 29th
Height 162cm(5'4")
Weight 52kg(115lb)
Blood Type B
Likes Sleeping
Dislikes Being impeded
Voice Actor 桃夜葉月(Hazuki Touya)

Akitaka is a main character in 1bitheart. His first appearance was in Chapter 1, when Natsukage bumped into him.

Appearance Edit

He has red hair and gold eyes. He wears a black and red jacket over his black shirt, black jeans, and black sneakers. He constantly wears a bear mask over his face, thus hiding his facial features. He got his mask from one of his friends, Asuto.

Personality Edit

Akitaka is frequently tired, usually preferring to sleep rather than pick a fight. Despite this, he has a fairly short temper, which is shown when he gets into arguments with Natsukage. He processes things slow, as he fails to keep up with conversations and doesn't understand certain situations.

Background Edit

Akitaka lives in a pretty rough place where things such as violence and mugging are common. When he was younger, his mom got him into playing piano, and he now plays keyboard for a band, and is able to play guitar as well. He has 6 siblings (Including himself, Ryuuri, and Azusa).

Relationships Edit

Ryuuri Kujoh Edit

Akitaka's older brother.

Azusa Kujoh Edit

Akitaka's older sister. He constantly pokes fun at her constant consumption of WAC bergers, stating that she'll get fat if she keeps eating them.

Enri Kumashiro & Asuto Aizen Edit

Akitaka's friends and band mates. He cares about them, and he still wore his mask he got from Asuto, even though he didn't want to. They all have nicknames for each other, Akitaka's being 'Akki'.

Natsukage Suoh Edit

Akitaka's "friend"/rival. They tend to get on each other's nerves and start fighting.

Trivia Edit

  • He's the third main character shown to have older siblings. He is not, however, the youngest sibling of the family. According to Ryuuri's mutter messages, the youngest is in grade school.

Quotes Edit

  • "Yawn... Akitaka Kujoh. I'm real tired... If you wanna fight, make it some other day." - Akitaka when introduced.

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