Oihara Akashi
Kanji Name 笈原 暁
Katakana Name オイハラ アカシ
Romaji Name Oihara Akashi
Age 17
Date of Birth September 13th
Height 171cm(5'7")
Weight 59kg(130lb)
Blood Type O
Likes Baseball
Dislikes Being Yelled At
Voice Actor フイゴ(Fuigo)

Akashi is a character in 1bitheart. He is a possible friend. He is introduced in Chapter 2. You can find him lying on a bench at the far edge of Honey Garden. Only his legs are visible.

"A boy who immerses himself in baseball. He's been playing since a very young age, but his skill is average, if not worse. He goes to pet shops for healing on days when he doesn't have practice." -Akashi's BitWorld description

 Appearance Edit

Akashi has short brown hair and orange eyes, with his face covered in bandages. He also wears a standard baseball uniform, with his hat turned backwards.

Personality Edit

He has been playing baseball since a very early age, yet his skill is average. He goes to pet shops to take a break when he doesn't have practice.

Background Edit

Akashi is a boy who plays baseball. Has a crush on his childhood friend, Tama.

Relationships Edit

Nanashi Edit

His free time event revolves around Nanashi trying to help him move up from the 'ball collector' role.

Tama Edit

Tama is Akashi's childhood friend, who Akashi has a crush on. He confesses to her, but fails. (He said "Suki" which means like, but said "Sukiyaki" instead. That's where he goes "Hey, I kinda said it.")

Trivia Edit

  • His name in katakana is アカシ, as opposed to 赤司.
  • He speaks with a lisp (or at least, when being introduced)
  • When Nanashi reads his mind in the Chapter Two freetime, it is revealed Akashi is in love with a childhood friend named Tama, whom he fails to confess to at the end of his free time event.

Quotes Edit

  • "Wha - me?! E-Er, Akashi..." - Akashi, when being introduced.


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