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Miwashiba's mascot.

Miwashiba has decided to keep their gender identity secret, and do not wish for people to question it further.

Miwasiba is the creator of 1bitHeart, as well as a handful of other games such as Alice Mare, and the LiEat series.

Aside from working on games they are also an illustrator, their most notable works being their work for vocaloid song music videos, for example Okochama Sensou (Childish War). They are also the illustrator for V4 flower and Meika Hime and Mikoto, the illustrations can be seen here.

For more information on what illustrations they have drawn, go here.

They have accounts on multi-platforms including twitter and tumblr, as well as an official website which can be found here. They also opened an ask account, claiming that they'll be answering questions there instead of tumblr.

A full playlist of all their vocaloid works can be found here .

They have a picrew account wherein they've created three picrews.

They can't pick their favorite character in the whole game.

At first, they decided that 1bitHeart would be the last game they will make. They have stated that because they wanted to improve their illustrations, but that can't be done when making games, so they decided to make a comic called NotEvil!. However, Miwashiba recently announce that they would be making one last game, a sequel to 1bitHeart called 1BeatHeart. Although they have stated that 1BeatHeart was going to be their last game, it seems they are making two more: Faceless Double and Ayakashi Akashi.